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The Astronomical Association Lahden Ursa ry was founded on november 7th 1948. The observatory is located in Pirttiharju, Lahti 4 km from the center of Lahti to west. Currently we have 130 members. Adress: Tähtitorninkatu 1 15830 LAHTI.

Observatory is mainly open publicly through November – March every months first friday evening 7pm – 9pm.

Our observatory got a new main instrument at the beging of 2007, Meade 16″ LX200 GPS-SMT telescope. The old and fine Wäisälä refrector is still in use and in it’s original place. We have for use of night sky imaging SBIG 11000M-STL ccd-camera and guiding Orion StarShooter ccd. We also have DayStar h-alpha filter for solar observations.

With the new Meade 16″ LX200 telescope Supernova Sky Team has been founded for the members of Lahti Ursa. The purpose of the team is to promote astrophotography and to find a new supernovae at this territory.

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